May 6th, 2017

'Hellshire in May, well I never... Say it ain't so?' Well sirs and madams, it is in fact so.  

Revel in the beauty of Hellshire VII and other rare barrel-aged beers  across the country at Hellshire Day 2017!  Our annual celebration of the intangible magic that happens inside the barrel to turn already delicious beer into something otherworldly is one the highlights of our year at Oakshire.  Not only do we get to share Hellshire VII and other special barrel-aged beers from our own library, but we also get to try dozens of rare barrel-aged beers, many which are otherwise not available for sale in Oregon, with all of our friends in Eugene!

Stay tuned for a list of participating breweries, food carts, and live musicians!  And don't think we forgot about the VIP Hellshire Experience...more to come on that too!

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