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Sponsorship Directions Media Eugene, Oregon

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Saturday, November 1

11:00amFood Truck @ the Pub: The Zingaro@Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene, OR 97402

Saturday, November 1

11:00amOakshire 8th Anniversary Release & Learn How to Homebrew Day@Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St, Eugene, OR, United States

  • Brewers' Reserve

    Building upon our yearly and seasonal brews and our Single Batch Program, Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk truly defines craftsmanship with his barrel-aged Reserve series. These ultra small batches age in Bourbon & Pinot barrels before being released in very limited quantities, from a dozen bottles to a couple dozen cases. These fine beers will occasionally be found at unique gatherings – like the 2011 GABF Farm to Table – but are primarily released at our Brewery for local enthusiasts to kick back and enjoy!